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How I Carry Out My Treatments


My aim is your comfort. I adapt to your needs. I have a portable bed that allows you to laying on your front, back and back raised. I also come with pillows, blankets and relaxing music.

You do not have to use my portable bed, if you are more comfortable on your sofa, chair, recliner or bed we can use them.

 Once we have completed a consultation and you are comfortable I will begin the treatment by grounding myself, connecting to reiki energy and then placing my hands on your shoulders, or at a distance. This treatment can be hands on or hands off, whatever you prefer. 

I will move around to different areas of your body and once I'm done I will finish up at your feet, slowly turn down the music and offer you some water.


Each person's experience will differ from one another but you may experience heat, coolness, tingerling, feel heavy or light or you may even see colours.


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